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Does your business have the Managed IT services and support it needs to grow?

Immediately equip your business with a full-stack team of local Fort Lauderdale IT professionals armed with the skills, plans, and procedures to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of your business—enabling you to focus on your business and grow. Whether you need a complete outsourced team or a few select members to augment your current IT staff, TheCompulab is ready to add value to your business and measurable ROI though the strategic implementation of people and technology. Discover why some of Fort Lauderdale’s most successful businesses choose TheCompuLab IT services and support.


Full-Service IT Solutions for Your Fort Lauderdale Business

24/7/365 Network Monitoring

Gone are the days when you’re left feeling that your business is unsecured. TheCompuLab’s staff is committed to monitoring your critical systems, computers and networks for alerts, issues, or updates at all all times so you know your IT systems are running at their fullest potential.

Remote and On-Site IT Support

Our local Fort Lauderdale IT support team is just a phone call away. 95% of the work we do is able to be performed remote, but we offer on-site IT support when needed. Sometimes an IT concern pops up that a phone call will not solve. Rest easy knowing that TheCompuLab provides full service IT services and support for your business that goes far beyond the typical ticketing system.

Critical Backups

Our clients receive absolutely any critical backup management and support they may need. Backing up your systems is vital to your business. No matter the situation, be it a new team member or a system down, know that your work will never get lost and picking up from where you left off is as simple as turning on your programs.

24/7 Security

These days, traditional anti-virus programs are not enough. TheCompuLab puts protections in place so you never have to worry about malware or ransomware again. With so many businesses in Fort Lauderdale relying on technology to run their business any disruptions due to cyber attack can surely be devastating. That’s why businesses choose our IT security plans and procedures to protect and respond the cyber threats of the day.  

Business Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Having a robust backup and disaster recovery plan is essential for any modern business. It’s a business’s last resort in the event of a successful ransomware attack, hardware or software malfunction, or employee mishap. Our IT service team makes sure all your business data is backed up everyday in a separate and secure location and ready to be accessed quickly in the event of a serious disruption. 

A Caring Group of IT Professionals

Your business is our business. We take a hands-on approach to understand all of your company goals so we can offer tech solutions to keep moving forward. There is always a new way your technology can serve your business IT needs and propel it into the future.

IT Consulting & Strategy

We take an active and holistic approach to maintaining your systems at peak performance and ensuring you are using the most up to date cutting-edge technology. Technology moves quickly forward and we provide the managed IT services & support that your business needs to keep up.

IT Support Request System

Ensuring you get your questions or concerns answered quickly and accurately is our top priority. Our ticket service keeps your requests organized so your concerns or questions never go unanswered. Managed IT services and support for Fort Lauderdale businesses has been TheCompuLab’s specialty for over 10 years.

Committed to Your Success

Our highly experience and professional team is committed to seeing your business succeed at full capacity. We integrate with all of your vendors for simple day-to-day action and you know you are getting the most out of your business IT services.

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