Co-managed IT Services

As the perfect combination of service and support, our co-managed IT services blend your in-house knowledge with our IT expertise.

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Who benefits from co-managed IT?

Co-managed IT is the ideal IT solution for companies that have an internal IT person or team but may be experiencing the following:

Your internal IT team is too busy

They are focused on other projects

There is an IT knowledge gap

Your company is growing and needs additional resources

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Wearing all the IT hats in a business is hard

You have an outstanding IT team, but your business is growing and some of the IT tasks are starting to get overwhelming. 

That’s where we step in. We’ll take care of your IT gaps.

You need a proven co-managed IT strategy

As the technology landscape changes and cybersecurity risks increase, a truly comprehensive IT management plan is no longer a one-person job. We help fill the gaps by providing your IT team with specialized, expert IT knowledge and support.

Smart Ticketing System

We can extend our smart ticketing system to your team for a more organized communication process. Plus, we’ll share our best practices to help you utilize this tool to track and mitigate ongoing issues. Imagine having an efficient way to track and manage support requests combined with the ability to create workflows and communicate with your team and users!

Business Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Our business disaster recovery services can reduce potentially devastating downtime in the event of a disaster. We’ll help get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Cyber Security

We can help you protect your systems and tighten your security to create a rock-solid cybersecurity plan. Our layered security approach utilizes the most efficient techniques and best practices to reduce vulnerabilities in your network.

24x7 Monitoring & Alerts

We offer ongoing monitoring and proactive alerts of your servers, computers, and all critical equipment. We can automatically alert you and your team when an issue arises so you can respond accordingly, or we can address the issue directly.

Network Administration & Support

If you don’t have time to watch over your network, we can monitor it for you. We provide proactive administration and support to keep your network up and running at peak performance.

Help Desk Support

As your IT partner, we’re here to step in and help when you have an overflow of support tickets. We can also lend an extra hand if your team finds itself short-staffed during vacation or flu season.

Vendor & Licensing Management

We understand that managing licenses and vendors can be a tedious task. We can help you manage and optimize your licenses for various vendors and manage those relationships to reduce costs.

Your team should be focusing on what matters

We create a true partnership between your internal IT team and our company. Co-managed IT services and support from TheCompuLab form a blend of amazing expertise dedicated to helping you succeed through your IT. We help keep you and your IT staff focused on where you excel.

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Working with us is simple …

1. Discovery Meeting

Book a meeting with us so we can learn more about your business needs and your current IT team and their needs.

2. Review your options

We present how we can help your business and your team. We discuss these options with you and answer any questions you have.

3. Implement co-managed IT

We implement the solution and start working with you and your team.

Myths of co-managed IT

Co-Managed IT is too expensive

The cost of outside help is less than hiring an internal employee. By utilizing co-managed IT services, you are taking advantage of collective knowledge not from one IT person, but multiple, which reduces costs.

The internal IT employees will lose their job

Our main goal is to complement, not to replace. We understand that in most Co-Managed IT services engagements, the internal IT team is a must for the relationship to be successful. We bring our expertise in technology, but we need the internal team knowledge.

The business will lose control of their IT

When working with us, you retain complete control of your networks. In fact, one of the biggest benefits we see when working with co-managed IT services with our clients is that we put systems in place to increase management visibility into their technology and systems.

You can’t have both, in-house IT and outsourced IT services

This is a very common scenario. Companies of all sizes can utilize our co-managed IT services and it works very well. Working with co-managed IT services allows your internal IT team to focus on their expertise while we focus on the things they need assistance with (closing the gap).

MSPs don’t understand our business

We take the time to understand all our clients’ businesses and the way they operate. This is how we make recommendations only based on their business needs. We also work with many businesses in a variety of industries, which increases our experience working with different types of systems, applications and business needs.

Co-managed IT services is only for large enterprises

Some business leaders think that only large enterprises can benefit from co-managed IT services, but we have customers with as low as 30 employees taking advantage of co-managed IT services and in-house IT employees. It all depends on the business structure and needs.

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