Industries We Serve

Construction, Fire & Safety

TheCompuLab realizes the importance of good network communications for construction, Fire & Safety companies. We understand that these businesses require all their systems to be up and running 24/7 and the ability to work mobile from job sites. With the latest technologies and the right training, TheCompLab can help implement the proper systems to help your business with its day-to-day procedures. Learning to use the different types of software that are available in today’s technology can be very frustrating for both company owners and employees. Partnering up with the right I.T. company can play a huge role in making your employees more productive.


Aviation is one of the most innovative and technologically-advanced industries in the world. From the DOD, to the FAA, to the companies that manufacture the bolts on planes wings. TheCompuLab understands this and knows how crucial it is for the companies that operate in this sector to be able to collaborate, communicate, and access critical data 24/7/365. Aviation and aerospace engineers are working on everything from traffic collision avoidance systems to building the cameras on the New Horizons Mission. They do not have the time to worry about network connectivity or viruses – they trust TheCompuLab’s team to ensure that their infrastructure is being protected and maintained at all times, so that they can operate at maximum levels.

Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distributors

With advances in technology occurring daily, manufacturing, wholesalers and distributors turn to TheCompuLab to keep their competitive edge. These businesses need to be able find new ways to efficiently and innovatively satisfy their customers. TheCompuLab provides the right mix of technology, analytics and reporting tools, which can all be used for new insights into their operations and the impact of customer interaction on their business results. At TheCompuLab, we are able to provide the consulting they need to adjust their processes for increasing profitability, along with the I.T. Support needed to maintain them at all times.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s)

We understand that accounting firms face a challenging business environment. Uptime and efficiency are key to a productive accounting environment. Both your data and your client’s data must be kept secure and accessible at all times. Can you imaging getting a call from your best customer and not being able to access your QuickBooks?

  • We have experience with QuickBooks, Thomson Reuters Suite, PeachTree, SAGE, UltraTax and more.

  • We understand business goals, security and uptime

  • We provide quick, efficient phone and onsite support, ongoing maintenance and improvements.

  • We offer true disaster recovery plans and backup solutions tailored to accounting firms.

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