Managed IT

Are you tired of your current I.T. provider? Partner with TheCompuLab to run your business without incidents or problems. Let us carry the weight of managing your network so that you can work on growing your company. We understand and have the skills to implement technologies to help make your business more productive while using less resources. We take the time to understand your needs, your goals, your business, and how it operates to offer the right set of tools. We understand no two businesses are the same.

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Business Optimization

Do you have an I.T. strategy in place to ensure that your business is prepared for the future?

The right IT makes all the difference in planning for your future – you just need to know how to leverage its power. The experts at TheCompuLab will create a long-term IT blueprint for your company with a cost-effective IT strategy.

  • Optimize your business operations with an integrated and proactive IT strategy
  • Prepare a business continuity plan to keep your operations running smoothly during and after a disaster
  • Spend your IT budget on the right technology for your needs
  • Maintain your reputation and prevent data breaches with lock down systems against cyber crime

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Is your data secure? What would happen to your business if your critical data and applications were inaccessibles for a period of time? When was the last time you tested your backups? TheCompuLab’s business continuity planning and cloud backups help your organization protect its critical data and applications, plan for downtime, and minimize the risk of losing data while speeding up the recovery process. Let us show you how!

Co-Managed IT

Partnership between your team and ours!

We create a true partnership between your internal IT team and our company. Co-Managed IT services and support from TheCompuLab form a blend of amazing expertise dedicated to helping you succeed through your IT. We help keep you and your IT staff focused on what you excel at!

Technology Gaps We Help Close

As the technology landscape changes and cybersecurity risks increase, a truly comprehensive IT management plan is no longer a one-person job. We help fill the gaps by providing your IT team with specialized, expert IT knowledge and support.

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Cloud IT

Cloud Migration Services

Why not stay ahead of your competition by moving your systems to a fully managed cloud operation? A properly set up and well-maintained cloud solution can reduce in-house overheads. Cloud migration involves moving your on-site or on-premise systems to a secure offsite data center location, “the cloud”. This practice allows your business to take advantage of more powerful resources like newer and better hardware and enterprise-level security – the same kind that banks, big financial institution and government agencies use.

Cloud Desktops

Are you taking full advantage of technology? Did you know that you can run your desktop as a service with all your applications and data from anywhere out of a world class data center? Why would you spend thousands of dollars on an I.T. infrastructure that will be outdated 3 years from now?
TheCompuLab offers your business desktop as a service technology that allows you to work remotely, as if you were sitting at your office desk. For a fixed monthly fee, TheCompuLab takes care of all of the complexity that a well designed I.T. infrastructure can have such, as VPNs, storage, security, upgrades, updates, disaster recovery plans, expensive firewalls and switches.

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Microsoft 365

Are you ready to move your business to the cloud? You probably assume that it’s too expensive and out of your reach to accomplish. Microsoft now allows you to take your business to the next level by leveraging the latest cloud technologies. Office 365 Business is the same Office that you use every day, but with additional features. Office 365 Business is powered by the cloud, allowing you to work virtually from anywhere, from any device, including on Mac’s and tablets.

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