4 Reasons to Update Your Operating System

operating system update

4 Reasons to Update Your Operating System

Updating your operating system should be a regular task for all businesses. Applying updates immediately helps to protect your business interests. Data show that only 38 percent of users update software automatically. That’s too low.

The problems from an outdated operating system include security breaches and lost productivity. The costs of that kind of scenario for a business are considerable. 

The form your operating system (OS) updates take depends on the particular type of OS you’re using. Vendors options include open-source Linux alongside paid-for versions, including macOS and Windows from Microsoft. 

There are general reasons why updates are important: 

1. Improved User Experience

No piece of software is ever perfect. OS systems are required to provide a framework to allow every program to access the systems they need. Sometimes multiple software programs will run into problems when operating simultaneously. 

By rolling out these updates, it can help OS users to have a smoother and less frustrating experience. With employees and clients relying on the OS regularly, updating them is critical for improving the user experience.

2. Better Security

Bugs aren’t just annoying, they’re also an opportunity for hackers to compromise systems and gain access to your networks. Many pieces of software ship with so-called zero-day exploits. These are issues that developers didn’t uncover during testing but that could severely compromise systems. 

Over time, hackers discover new bugs and workaround that, again, allow them to exploit systems. The best way to fight back against this is to apply patches and updates to your OS as soon as they become available. 

OS developers will begin working on a fix the moment that they discover a breach, but it can sometimes take a few days to roll out. Thus, when it does, it usually means that a particular threat has been active for some time. TheCompuLab offers cybersecurity tools to proactively protect your network and systems against new threats and initiate updates and setup for maximum security protection. 

3. Greater Efficiency

An entire office network that has frequent slowdowns can result in thousands of dollars in lost productivity every year. In the case of security complications, one of the greatest sources of financial loss is through lost productivity when work is halted.

Developers work to make interface improvements and work out ways to reduce computational overhead. All of this translates into quicker on-screen action and less time waiting for programs and pages to load.

4. Continued Support

Older OS versions are no longer supported by the company. This means that you will not be aware of regular updates or vulnerabilities. Inconsistencies in program compatibility will prevent you from running newer, updated software. 

Companies often rely on customer reports to determine what problems users are finding. You lose this option for older versions to report or receive support in fixing them. Newer apps are designed to work with the latest systems and either won’t run or won’t run as well without them. 

TheCompuLab offers comprehensive IT services that make it easy to update your OS, giving you peace of mind while enhancing efficiency. Get in touch today to set up an IT consultation.


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