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How to Find the Right IT for Your Manufacturing Business

IT for manufacturing business

The manufacturing industry is a demanding field. Reliable technology is required to keep up with daily demand. You need systems that help your business improve productivity and maximize your manufacturing output. 

It’s important to find an IT company that understands the role of technology in manufacturing and knows how to help your business take advantage of it. Here are some essential things to understand:

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What Is Cloud IT?

cloud IT solutions

Today, most businesses have at least some workloads hosted on the cloud. It is projected that the global cloud computing market is expected to reach $623 billion by 2023. An increasing number of businesses that are considering migrating to the cloud rely on IT services to help them transition and maintain their new systems. 

What exactly is Cloud IT, and what can it do in your business?

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Tech Tips for Florida Startups on National Entrepreneurs Day

entrepreneur business technology

National Entrepreneurs Day takes place on November 19 this year. Whether you’re a first-time business owner, looking to scale up your growing startup, or launching a new branch of your current enterprise, it’s always good to check in on your processes.

Technology is an essential part of any business, and smart entrepreneurs learn how to use it to their advantage. Florida business owners have both faced cybersecurity challenges and seen great successes as they’ve leveraged technology in their companies. 

If you’re an entrepreneur in Florida, here are some tech tips to help your enterprise grow this National Entrepreneurs Day:

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Get Your Tech Ready For Small Business Saturday

small business technology

Small Business Saturday is on November 28 this year. This annual shopping holiday supports small businesses during the historically busy season. In 2019, the day saw new records of $19.6 billion spent by 110 million shoppers. No matter your industry, the season can be a time to bring in new business.

With the day fast approaching, it’s important to take steps now to get your business technology prepared. It’s important for small businesses to make sure they have the tech support they need.

Here’s what you need to do now to make this the most profitable Small Business Saturday for your business:

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your IT Budget

IT budget

Businesses rely on modern technological advances to perform more operations than ever before. Small and mid-size businesses are utilizing high-tech programs and equipment at increasing rates, helping to make them competitive in their industries. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to tighten their IT budgets.

Companies looking to automate and improve their processes know how essential an IT is is to keep tech running. Fortunately, there are some practical ways to stretch your IT budget without compromising operations. If you’re looking to get the most out of your IT budget right now, here are five great tips. 

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Phishing 101: Recognizing Threats

phishing email

Businesses, organizations, and individuals are bombarded by Phishing attacks. A study revealed that there are about 135 million phishing attacks attempted daily. Phishing does a lot of damage to affected companies. They lose sensitive data, reputation, productivity, and business value. 

With October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, there’s no better time to check your risk level. So what exactly is Phishing, and how can we recognize threats and protect ourselves and our businesses?

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Microsoft OneDrive – Sharing Large Files

Microsoft OneDrive can be used to share large files with people outside and inside of your organization. Using OneDrive to share files and folders can help you elevate collaborate with coworkers and customers to the next level. Instead of sending e-mails to share files back and forward, your organization can leverage OneDrive to centralize file sharing in a secure way.

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5 Tips to Remember for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October cybersecurity month

Cybersecurity is a significant concern for businesses and organizations across all industries. Companies that are hacked face incredible expenses, to the cost of over $11.7 million annually per company affected. The losses in time, money, and reputation are enough to sink many companies for good.

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, here are 5 key things to remember to keep your company safe from cyberattacks. 

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Microsoft Teams – How to Create a Meeting Invite

So what are the different options to create a meeting invite? The first that comes to mind is Outlook. In this video we go over the Microsoft Teams Outlook plugin.

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What Florida Organizations Should Know About Ransomware

ransomware hackers

As Florida has had economic growth, its businesses and organizations have suffered as victims of ransomware cyberattacks. In the last year and a half, ransomware attacks on Florida organizations have been on the rise. This has caused huge losses to those affected.

The global information security industry, which responds to cyberattacks, is expected to reach a value of over $170 billion by the year 2022. One of the fastest-growing methods of cybercrime is ransomware attacks. Between 2015-2017, the costs of ransomware increased by a factor of 15.

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