Top 4 Scalable Technologies for Fast-Growing Startups

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Top 4 Scalable Technologies for Fast-Growing Startups

Fast-growing startups need technology that grows and adapts to their ever-changing needs.

These scalable technologies are valuable because they eliminate the need to be replaced during periods of rapid growth and provide the ideal level of support and flexibility fast-growing startup businesses need to adapt to evolving work process demands.

1. Usage Analytics

Usage analytics allow you to access and evaluate your internal data and provide employees with immediate access to essential information with ease.

Analytics tools such as Google Analytics are ideal for all-size companies and help track various data sets such as employee activity and productivity, customer activity, and company performance.

This type of technology is scalable because it helps track growth and provides valuable information to help with internal communications and external needs to reach goals and growth expectations.  

2. Corporate Communication Platforms

Corporate communication platforms can come in the form of apps for messaging and sending project information, ideas, and details across all startup channels.

They allow all team members to remain informed and improve communications considerably. This technology is essential for any rapidly growing startup.

Modern companies use this easily scalable technology across all industries, and it can provide services for startups and corporations alike.

Some examples of well-known companies providing this type of service include video conferencing organizations Skype and Google Hangouts, business chat applications like Slack, and centralized platforms with multiple functions like Microsoft Teams.

They’re easily scalable because they are used within large and small companies and fit perfectly into your business flow. They also download on most electronic devices for easy access on the go.

3. Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) monitors software applications to measure their performance and availability. This software helps fast-growing startups maintain a high service level and eliminate errors and issues within business systems.

APM monitors computational resources used to load business applications and performance metrics for the user. This is a top technology pick to help keep multiple applications and processes running smoothly, including advanced applications such as AI.

This technology is highly scalable because it’s designed to support complex processes necessary for growing companies that need application management to keep up with demand fluctuations.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows startups to store and retrieve data at a moment’s notice with no physical servers. This option frees up space and resources and provides a higher degree of security and reliability. Cloud services are quickly becoming essential for any fast-growing startup operating in today’s rapidly changing and growing markets.

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Incorporating Scalable Technology is a Must for Startups

Avoid the issues that can stem from rapid growth within your startup by incorporating these technologies into your business operations. Utilizing scalable services that change and grow with your needs helps you avoid problems both right now and down the line and enables faster, easier expansion.

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