Microsoft OneDrive – Sharing Large Files

Microsoft OneDrive can be used to share large files with people outside and inside of your organization. Using OneDrive to share files and folders can help you elevate collaborate with coworkers and customers to the next level. Instead of sending e-mails to share files back and forward, your organization can leverage OneDrive to centralize file sharing in a secure way.

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Microsoft Teams – How to Create a Meeting Invite

So what are the different options to create a meeting invite? The first that comes to mind is Outlook. In this video we go over the Microsoft Teams Outlook plugin.

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Microsoft Teams Basic Functions Under 10 min

In this video we go over basic functionalities of Microsoft teams such as making calls, meetings, screen sharing, taking notes, recording meeting and changing device settings. Learn more @ www.thecompulab.com how Microsoft Teams can change your business!

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Microsoft Teams Basic Intro Under 10 min


Why use Microsoft Teams? We go over some of the benefits of using MS Teams and a basic overview of how a small business could use it to streamline communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration platform that combines instant messaging, video meetings, file storage, screen sharing, basically one platform that integrates many of the different Office 365 platforms such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, etc. We believe that is one of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Teams vs Zoom or GoToMeeting. Second benefit is that if you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you may be already paying for it, it’s just a matter of understating how it works, so you can start using it!

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SharePoint Explained Under 10 min.


SharePoint Explained under 10 min. Follow up on our previous video about OneDrive. SharePoint and OneDrive have lots of similarities but are used for different purposes. SharePoint can get very confusing, in this video we go over SharePoint Document libraries and how they work, how to synchronize them with your Windows 10 computer and some of the benefits of using SharePoint vs other platforms like G-Drive or DropBox.

Small businesses can use SharePoint as a collaborative storage where multiple people can store, access, modify and collaborate in a central secure location. One of the biggest benefits we see when using SharePoint is that it integrates very well with other business applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. It also has a nice integration with Microsoft Teams which we will explain in another video.

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OneDrive Explained Under 10 min.


Have you ever wonder why use OneDrive vs other products such as DropBox? or what about SharePoint? Should you use OneDrive or SharePoint?  We get this question a lot. In this video we go over OneDrive vs SharePoint and some of their differences. We also show a brief overview of how OneDrive works.  OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that works just like DropBox or G-Drive, but comes with big advantages.

Some of the benefits of using OneDrive vs Other applications:

  1. Single sign one: you only need one username and password for all the Office 365 apps.
  2. Security: same concept as single sign on, you can enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure all of your Office 365 apps.
  3. Ease of use: OneDrive integrates seamlessly with many of the Microsoft desktop applications like Word, Excel, Outloos and Microsoft Teams.

Watch the video to learn more!

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