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Tips for corporate culture according to Forbes


characteristics-good-company-cultureWhether your part of a company as an employee, a client, or the owner, having a good environment can benefit everyone. Company feedback will show how much a company is valued and ways that a company can grow and improve. Another important aspect that benefits everyone in the company is a curious one, embracing failure. It is explained that most employees live in fear, they fear their bosses, they fear doing their work wrong, and this creates bad results in a company. Embracing failure eliminated the element of fear and creates a feeling of being able to innovate and share with the company. Improving corporate culture in your company can bring amazing benefits.

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One of our Customers Open House – Best of Luck!

APC_smallAPC Packaging moved in to a new location in 2015 and held their open house in their new building on Friday October 2, 2015. APC Packaging is a locally owned US-based company with our own manufacturing facility in China. This allows them to provide their customers with the best price as well as provide top-tier customer service.

TheCompuLab has been providing IT Services for APC Packaging since their old location, helped with the move of their complete IT infrastructure and continue to monitor their network.

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