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Tips to identify and prevent phishing or spoofing emails (2 min read)

First of all, phishing and spoofing are similar forms of attacks, but not the same. What is the difference between phishing and spoofing emails?

Phishing is a type of social engineering technique that attempts to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards, social security numbers, etc. Phishing poses as a trustworthy person, so when you get the email it seems like its coming from someone you know. Phishing attacks can be started with a spoofing email. An example of phishing is getting an email from American Express asking you to reset your password, the email may come from what it seems a valid email address, but if look closely, there may be some misspelled words, once you click on the link it takes you a website that looks like American Express but is not, you enter your username and password, and the attackers gain access to your bank account.

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