2016 Top Small business trends

2016 Top Small business trends

guest-blogger-2016-tech-trends-maving-wavesAs a small business owner what do you expect out of 2016? Everyone wants a new year full of opportunities and easy to overcome obstacles. Some may want new technologies for their companies while others may want to stick with what they know. What we are sure of is that every business owner wants a very successful new year.
We will let you know throughout the year different trends and ideas in order to make the most out of 2016 not only for your business but also for your employees and customers.
New-trends-in-internet-marketing-for-smaller-enterprisesHere is some of our research;

  1. Growing:
    Most of the businesses that were on a growing scale in 2015 should continue to grow; most of these small businesses may have to invest in the future by buying new equipment and making different changes in the system.

    In with the new and out with the old is 2016’s motto. 

  2. Social media and Connections:
    Most companies have already turned to social media for advertising, this as seen reduces costs.  So the businesses that haven’t already created these pages should quickly turn to this type of advertising.  Making and establishing connections through networking is also very important, having and learning with other companies who offer different services but have great ideas is also a great way to connect.
  3. Human Connections:
    Everywhere you go and anyone who knows a little about businesses and advertising will egg you on about social media and how important it is, but we consider that human connections are just as important. Brand loyalty is crucial whether it is as an employee that gives his or her best every day on the job or a customer that prefers your services or products.  In 2016 it is expected to be a year of less turn overs and more established connections.
  4. Embrace change:
    Change is everywhere and those who don´t learn to adapt will be left out.
  5. Salary:
    Like mentioned changes will be made and changes are not just about trends, these changes might also be through minimum wages and other policies.
  6. Cyber security:
    Throughout the years cyber security is a fast moving strategy. All businesses no matter what size will need to protect all of its data. Whether your company is the biggest in the state or if your company is the local business, more attention needs to be paid to increase the measures of secure data.
    This goes for clouds and anti-viruses also.
  7. Mobile friendly:
    2016 is a year where more time has to be dedicated to building mobile sites, for marketing and branding. Service businesses in particular must be able to effectively cater to a mobile customer.

“A big trend for business owners in 2015 was to make your website mobile-friendly, as Google was requiring it to rank in their mobile searches back in April. The new trend for 2016 will be … having even faster page-load times. ” Michael Juba.

With technology being of everyday use and easier than ever, enterprise technology is not only for large corporations. Small business can get help from many apps and access to tools that can help them grow. 

9. 2016 as mentioned is about changes so as technology improves, your small business must adapt or die. Corporations that are up to date with SaaS and how the cloud works has an incredible advantage over those who don’t.

10.Collaboration and Social Responsibility Will Play Increasingly Important Roles like said do good and good will come to you, not all companies or even coworkers believe this. Take into consideration that you can tell future customers and investors about social responsibility, this looks good for you and someone in need can be helped.


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