Cyber Monday + Small Business ?

Cyber Monday + Small Business ?

CYberMonday“Cyber Monday is larger for fashion retail on the past two Cyber Mondays, there were an average of 45% more clothing deals than on Black Friday. There were also 50% more shoe deals on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday.”

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year, it happens on the Monday after thanksgiving. Being creative and planning ahead is the recipe for success on cyber Monday, so to prepare your website here are some tips.


Updating website:

descargaCover all areas of the store on your website, sort by categories making your online service user friendly.

Advertise coupons and promotions on the website.

“66% of customers what to be able to see if items are available before going to the store.”

Mobile Friendly

descarga (1)Did you know that mobile sales have increased 55.4% year after year, focusing on mobile presence will let consumers buy goods from their cellphones.

Get in touch with your web developer and create a design that’s mobile friendly, if you need a web developer get in touch with us!


descarga“88% read reviews to make a decision about the quality of a local store.”

Word of mouth recommendations are extremely powerful so having a specific space for a Leave a Review button or section on your webpage lets potential customers see satisfaction rate.

Listings/ Social Media

Social-Media-for-MarketingHaving your page on local listings ensures visibility  search sites like yellow pages lets people see your business information. Keeping these sites up to date is also important.

Having your store and website linked with social media, allows users to see and have easy access to what your services are.


electronic-paymentsCyber Monday as mentioned thrives on online sales so having safe payment options can bring in more customers.

Sending emails after a purchase has been made with coupons incites users to buy more, also sending emails to customers who tend to leave the “shopping cart” with no purchase reminds them of what they were planning on buying.


large_article_im4342_Enter_To_WinNow to make sure your website gathers as many customers as possible, host a contest or get noticed by your locals.

Also hour by hour sales ensures that customers will visit your website more, make sure your social media is informing your customers about the sales.

For more information about getting your website ready for CYBER MONDAY, feel free to contact us.