Cloud and Managed IT’s Growing Relationship 2015

Cloud and Managed IT’s Growing Relationship 2015

By now, most of us have heard of the cloud and managed IT services. Not everyone understands them or even knows how they are intertwined. Managed services are like a starting point in transitioning to the cloud, but as businesses look to take advantage of the many benefits of utilizing cloud and managed services (ie grow their businesses and bottom lines), they have to realize that this is not going to happen on its own.

Business owners and managers want to focus on core business practices, not on their IT. They want it automated in order to help them be efficient and of course, profitable. Managed services providers will have to begin to bridge the gap between the architecture of the IT infrastructure and the functionality of said infrastructure. As information is developed, shared, and flowing through an organization, managed service providers have to make sure that this workflow is smooth and streamlined. We have to connect all of the files, collaborations, projects, and information for our customers seamlessly.

In all business practices there is one thing that is an absolute, Time Is Money! Businesses today focus on reducing costs, increasing productivity, and getting it done in less time. Outsourcing tasks saves money, frees up time, but maybe most importantly gives a business scalability. Scale up and back as needed, gives a business flexibility with resources. Service providers need to be able implement solutions for customers quickly, and get them the desired outcomes.

The cloud allows for this scalability and for increased productivity. In today’s mobile world, business owners, managers, employees, need to be able to access information from anywhere, the cloud gives you that added agility. This is not a one size fits all solution either, managed service providers are able to customize a solution based on a customer’s needs, not on what the other guy is needing.

As we move into the future, onsite infrastructures are not going to move to the cloud overnight. There will be a transitioning phase where this “hybrid” of both onsite and cloud based infrastructures will have to work together. Managed service providers will have to create customized solutions to ensure continuity and work flow as we transition from onsite to the cloud. As businesses begin to make these transitions they will need service providers who are able to walk them through the processes, ones that understand their business and their end goals.

Not all businesses will walk the same path, will need the same solution. TheCompulab understands this and is here to provide the expertise needed to achieve your businesses goals.