How COVID-19 Has Changed Business IT Priorities

Business IT priorities

How COVID-19 Has Changed Business IT Priorities

The coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on almost every industry. Businesses are having to adapt the way they work and do what they can to hold on, while also protecting their employees.

As a result, businesses are adjusting their priorities. Technology, in particular, has been a significant area of investment for businesses of all sizes. 

How has the pandemic changed business IT priorities, and what does the future hold? We explore the issue in more detail below.

How Have IT Priorities Changed in 2020?

IT has been at the heart of business priorities in 2020. Many businesses have had to make some drastic changes to the way they work. When some tech options have been in the future or not yet on the radar, many have had to fast-track their plans. This has required an investment of both time and money to make it possible. 

Remote Technology

Many businesses have been reluctant to adopt home working in the past, but are now experiencing the benefits, without a dip in performance or productivity. With a change in tech priorities, many companies have invested in remote working tech—a move that could end up being a permanent shift.

From new equipment to a more significant investment in cloud applications and technology, businesses are having to make adjustments to ensure that employees can work effectively wherever they are.


Safety has undoubtedly been a priority for businesses. With an increase in hacking attempts during the pandemic, businesses have recognized the importance of preventative IT security measures. Cybersecurity IT services can help businesses protect their valuable data from outside threats such as ransomware, virus malware, and phishing attacks.

Collaboration Platforms

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration amongst teams, and improved communication tools to ensure workers can maintain productivity. Tools such as Microsoft Teams are a budget-friendly option to help businesses work effectively remotely. 

With the help of IT support in South Florida, businesses can take some crucial steps to adapting to new ways of working. Flexible technology will help businesses thrive, and prepare as best as they can for more uncertainty. 

Maximized Budget Spend

Businesses want to make sure their IT spending is going as far as it can. A loss of revenue has had a clear impact on business budgets. A recent analysis from Dresner Advisory Services shows that 49% of businesses have had their budgets reduced, a further 19% have had their budgets frozen, with less than a third (27%) having their budgets remain unchanged.

What This Means for Business IT Priorities in 2021

It’s difficult to predict what will happen over the coming year, but businesses are already making plans to help them continue as best they can.

Forecasts for 2021 include increased spending on cloud technology, security increases and further investment in remote working technology—with IT spend set to increase by 33%. Others expect to see their budgets decline. 

Many businesses have already begun focusing their efforts on digital transformation and modernizing their systems, priorities that will be even more relevant as remote working continues. 

While 2021 remains uncertain for now, key investments in remote working technology is one way to future-proof businesses ready to focus on growth and regeneration post-COVID.