What is Microsoft Lync and How Can it Help My Business Grow?

What is Microsoft Lync and How Can it Help My Business Grow?

Are you looking for a great way to communicate throughout your organization? Looking to collaborate on projects with clients and others outside your company? Microsoft Lync is your platform to help you streamline this and so much more. Lync unifies your instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing capabilities, phone system, and smartphones .The many added gadgets built in it helps you get more out of everything you do! With all the different ways we have to communicate with a person, whether it is a colleague or friend, miscommunication is going to happen, Lync is your tool to minimize this and to start communicating faster, more streamlined, and easier which will lead to more productivity and better use of time!

Let’s face it, in today’s mobile world, upper and lower management need an easier platform to communicate with their on-the-move employees (the movers, the shakers) and do not have time to waste. Lync offers features which allows users to see if someone is available, offline, in a meeting, location, etc. so you already are aware of what the other person is up to prior to sending the message. I know it sounds pretty basic, but this little added perk will save you a ton of time. Think of all the emails you won’t send, all the phone calls that you won’t make all because you are aware of that person’s availability in real time.

Now let’s talk about collaborating more and how this will help your business. With the video conferencing and the file sharing capabilities you are able to seamlessly share files, archive documents, utilize HD quality video, share screens, give screen control to other users, create and edit documents, and do all this without having to open emails or make additional phone calls. With this global reach now in your company’s hands, you can see how this can catapult your businesses productivity into the stratosphere!!! It also integrates with Skype and no additional hardware is needed!

As you can see, the 21st Century and beyond office is an on the move, mobile, globally located, production driven, get it to me now, type of infrastructure. Lync is fully compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to video conference, collaborate, instant message, get updates from your teams, all while on the go. Can your production survive without it? Can you remain competitive, relevant, and continue to grow? Microsoft Lync can help increase production and allow your business to run more efficiently!

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