Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping

Apps-en-App-Store1For a person with a low budget for this Holiday season or for a person who just simply likes to save money Smart Shopping can be very useful. We live in a world where with a click of a button you can buy anything, well that same technology is applied to smart shopping. After researching, many app developers have created applications for everyday use. Some of these apps use bar coding and others use deals and promotions, either way any penny that can be saved thanks to these free apps is a deal breaker.

Some of the best apps to help with smart shopping this Holiday Season are:

logo_greenThis application lets you scan products and find online and local stores that provide the same products. This app permits you to have different options about prices. Compares prices Display user reviews Searches for deals Discounts

It’s available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

logoThe innovative mobile app notifies users of personalized sales and coupons when they are near a store or mall. Also sends you weekly adds
Available on iPhone and Android.



flipp-largeThis app is great for weekly shopping. The only app that matches hundreds of coupons with local weekly ads to save the most. Flipp can send you notifications about what coupons are about to expire.



shopkick-logoUsers are able to earn points by making purchases, inviting friends to join, and even by just walking into the stores.



logo-lrgThis app lets you build a shopping list based on local sales and automatically pulls in coupons for the groceries you need.

Let us know about what apps you like to use this holiday season.
ibottaStart by perusing the different offers in the product gallery and choose the ones you’re interested in.




Let us know about what apps you like to use this holiday season.


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