Four blank white speech bubblesSTOP. and listen to advice. THINK. about these different tips. CONNECT. with care.
Closing the month of October we’ve researched different tips for Cyber security, chances are that you, your company, family or friends have been victims.
With these tips you can help protect your organization and your loved ones.

These 5 quicks steps can lead to excellent online safety habits.

Keep a clean machine:


  1. Security software updated: Having the latest version and the most efficient security software keeps viruses, malware and many other online threats away from your company.
  2. Not only does your computer require security but also your other devices such as; smart phones, gaming systems, tablets and other electronic devices.
  3. USB’s are infected with viruses and malware, always scanning and ejecting them creates better security.


Protect your personal information:

  1. Account security, not only the protection of passwords but also adding additional ways to Untitledverify before entering your business site.
  2. EVERYTHING password related; having long and strong passwords, unique passwords for different accounts. Write them down and keep them private.



Connect with care:

  1. fhfgh“When in doubt, throw it out”, links added in emails, tweets, posts and online advertising that looks suspicions this the biggest way that cybercriminals access your electronical devices.
  2. WI-FI hotspots, limit your company to only your own WI-FI because criminals can adjust the security settings on your device to limit who can access your machine.
  3. When paying anything online be aware of the web addresses, look for https:// or shttp://.

Http:// is not secure.

Be web wise

  1. Think before you act or communicate your personal or company information, most things are “to good to be true.”



  1. Protect work, music, photos and digital information by having another copy.

Be a good online citizen

  1. “Help the authorities fight cyber crime: Report stolen finances or identities and other cybercrime to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov) and to your local law enforcement or state attorney general as appropriate.”

With each tip comes varies advice that can help control, protect and secure; your computer and your information.

Being two steps ahead can protect you and add different security monitors to your online life. Being involved as a company can benefit your company by making sure customers, employees and yourself are safe. Adding STOP.THINK. CONNECT to your daily use by just adding those different tips to your web usage can lead to a more secure organization.

The STOP.THINK.CONNECT campaign provides us with useful research finding, these facts are shocking considering that the percentages are extremely high. Check them out here.

STOP and listen to advice. THINK about these different tips. CONNECT with care.