Trio of sales

Trio of sales

SaleNowAs all of you know the busiest weekend for sales is coming up, some of you know it as the trifecta of sales or some of you know them individually like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

These three events are segmented to different shoppers: Black Friday caters to masses seeking deals; Small Business Saturday draws in socially conscious people who want to support local businesses; and Cyber Monday attracts customers who want deals but want to avoid crowds.



How can small-medium businesses use this trifecta to their advantage?

2276197_origMany of you might think that competing with large retailers or big known companies that use large marketing budgets is almost impossible. What you haven’t seen is that your services whether you are in traditional retail or offer a service product, having smaller infrastructure allows sudden changes to be made according to the marketplace. What is truly important in a small business is that post-sale follow up or support.

Having different strategies lets your company position itself to take full advantage of these three days.


Marketing Tactics:

Follow crowds, get to know what the masses are interested in.
To get your marketing know, it must be seen so target customers by adding signs or posters of your discounts and promotions.

 The day after Black Friday:

“To generate awareness and create buzz, American Express recently launched a campaign via traditional advertising and social media through Facebook and Twitter. This promotion enables users to offer “shout outs” to their favorite small business.”

Black-Friday-Shopping-linesSmall business Saturday is considered to be a very big event this year because many known companies are advertising it.

 Black Friday sales cause stress, considering there will be long lines and having to wake up extra early just to get good deals in retail stores, so taking this into account you can make great use of this:

  • Opening your shop later invites consumers that aren’t willing to be in long lines for hours, so opening your store a little later can actually put you in advantage.
  • Gift Cards, this is an easy purchase and recent studies show that 95% of consumers have gift cards on their shopping list.
  • As usual Social Media lets you offer special promotions whether it’s for Friday, Saturday or Monday. This can reward loyal subscribers and also add new ones.
  • Support, Guarantees or Returns, most retail stores have a return policy of just until the third week of January so adding one or two more weeks gives your consumer the advantage of not having to deal with the hassle of post-holiday returns.

To conclude you can see that having different and innovative tactics can bring in customers to your store or offer your services. It is not impossible to compete with retail stores, also considering that every year people are more conscious of helping the local store.