Veterans, we thank you

Veterans, we thank you

82b5de24cbaeede83d8739bc1801106dVeterans Day is a tribute to all American veterans–living or dead–who served their country honorably during war. The brave men and women who serve and protect the U.S. come from all over; they are parents, children and grandparents. They are friends, neighbors and coworkers, and an important part of their communities.



275198ee5b837614aa3124bb607720c7Here are a couple of thank you to our Veterans;

  • Thank you for stepping forward when others step back.
  • Thank you for placing yourself between us and danger.
  • Thank you for braving the unspeakable horrors of war.
  • Thank you to your children who accept your absence as a way of life and understand they share you with a nation and sometimes the world.
  • Thank you for sacrificing time with your families and missing those significant milestones the rest of us take for granted.
  • Thank you to your parents who have nothing but prayers to protect you and must now trust you will be safe and that we will offer the best we have to you
  • Thank you for serving as a heroic example of who we are and what we can dream to be.


 “One year or twenty, they all deserve it.”

Thank you for your service


Thank yous are taken from A million thanks organization.