Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

desktop-virtualization-vdiImagine your on a beach, sun is shining, and you’re finishing up an important company document over a secure connection as if you were sitting in your office. Sounds like a pretty unbelievable work environment right? Welcome to the world of virtual desktop infrastructure.

Virtual desktop services or desktop as a service is a way for companies and employees to optimize its maintenance routines and workstation replication in a secure way. Virtual desktop services or infrastructure is a hosting workstation operating systems and applications on a server or in a data center. Companies and workers are able to access these virtualized operating systems and applications across many different devices including phones, tablets, laptops, etc. as long as the devices are able to log into the host server or data center (ie internet connection). These Virtual desktops are able to be accessed from by devices running on different operating systems as well, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.

There are several benefits from virtual desktop services or desktop as a service. Some of these are that they are much easier to reproduce and maintain. Instead of having to run updates on individual workstations, you are able to update that one host server, rather than all the workstations that are set up. This also ensures no one is left out in the cold or forgotten about. This method of computing is also highly secure because of the virtualized environment all of the information, files, applications, operating system is located on the host server, no information is stored on the individual devices hard drive. If an employees laptop or tablet is lost, stolen, or winds up in the wrong hands, the companies sensitive information is safe and inaccessible.  This also leads to quicker deployment and updating of security protocols and anti-virus updates and assures that they are deployed to all workstation quickly.

The biggest benefit would be the anywhere accessibility of the virtual desktop. This is going to lead to more productivity since these virtual desktops can be accessed from vacation, home, work, phones, tablets, any device.

If you are looking for a great cost efficient, scalable, secure way to help increase your on-the-go employee’s productivity, look no further than virtual desktop services and desktop as a service.

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