Why Businesses Are Switching to Microsoft’s Modern Desktop

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Why Businesses Are Switching to Microsoft’s Modern Desktop

In the age of remote work, people are looking to simplify their IT. In line with this desire to simplify, Microsoft rebranded Office 365 to be called Microsoft 365 in April of this year. Microsoft’s Modern Desktop is essentially what runs these apps and other Microsoft tools from Windows 10. Modern Desktop keeps systems more secure and more easily manageable.

Running your business using the Windows 10 operating system Microsoft 365 on the cloud can improve cost, productivity, and security, in addition to the many other benefits businesses gain from using Microsoft’s productivity tools and systems.

Improved Productivity

With Microsoft Modern Desktop, you’ll have all the latest versions of the tools you love. It allows you to upload and share everything on the cloud, improving both productivity and collaboration. The software includes the full Microsoft Office package, and there are also newer apps such as OneNote. These are great for taking notes on PCs, laptops, and even your smartphone.

Mobile users reported a perceived 25% increase in productivity when using Windows 10. New packages such as Microsoft Teams have made it easier to work remotely, keeping all staff in quick contact throughout the workday. Teams also makes it easy to hold video conferences from any time and anywhere.

Advanced Security

Modern Desktop includes encryption so your data is automatically scrambled if your computer is lost or stolen. If you go for the business package, you’ll have access to Microsoft’s world-leading security systems, including Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.

Another feature included is AAD, which provides cloud-based insights-driven security decisions. Modern Desktop is also protected by multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access (CA). If you’re on a company device, you can set which applications to be accessible.

Cost Efficiency

Modern Desktop keeps systems more manageable. Much less time is needed to dedicate to support and maintain the system. This means your systems are much cheaper to maintain. Microsoft has also extended the support lifespan for Windows 10, whereas support for older operating systems has since expired.

How to Upgrade to Modern Desktop

In order to make the shift to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 Apps, you’ll need to double-check that your hardware is compatible. You’ll also need to make an assessment of your environment, network, and applications, to ensure these will all work with the new operating system. There are several Microsoft tools that can help you do this. 

If you’ve tested your compatibility, then you’ll be ready to deploy Modern Desktop. You can choose whether to launch it from the cloud or a local source on your network. There are several new deployment tools, including Windows Autopilot, which allows you to deploy apps and settings that have been preconfigured for your organization. You can also upgrade your operating system without installing it if you already have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Make the Shift

Modern Desktop allows you to secure your devices, simplify IT management, and keep customer data safe. You’ll also be able to use the latest Office apps, video conferencing, and cloud storage to be more productive wherever you are.

Many businesses are already opting for Microsoft’s Modern Desktop. So why not make the switch today? As an experienced Fort Lauderdale IT company, TheCompuLab can help you get all the benefits of Modern Desktop.


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